My Paradise Found

My Paradise Found
anna maria island real estate

anna maria island real estate“After visiting the Anna Maria Island area for several years on holiday, in 2008 we decided to take advantage of lower Real Estate prices and buy our little cottage by the sea we’d been dreaming of. All we were looking for was a place as close to the beach as we could get thinking we’d spend holidays and rent out when we weren’t here to help offset the cost.  We were connected with another Realtor by a friend of ours.

We spent a frustrating seven days being sold all sorts of great deals, none by or near the Island.  Sure, there were great deals on golf course and downtown Sarasota homes, but we wanted to be close to AMI.  2 days before our vacation was to end, we drove by a little cottage in the Village of Cortez with An Island Place’s sign on it.  We called Sue that night, she dropped everything and gave us 3 examples of cottages near or on the island that WERE in our budget – something our previous Realtor told us was impossible.  We bought our cottage, closed in a few weeks, and started having holidays in our own home.

Within a year it became heartbreaking to leave. Luckily, Sue had encouraged us to buy our current home because it had more land and addition potential.  It took us a few years, but we moved down and have lived here happily ever after.  It really is paradise.”
Amy Tobin and Joe Seeley,  from Pennsylvania

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