Real Estate Happenings for September and October

Real Estate Happenings for September and October

For Sale SignThe biggest joy of my job as a real estate broker is helping buyers find their dream home in paradise. For many, it’s a dream come true that’s been in the making for many, many years. For others, like Sally Woodward and Julie Quinlivan, owners of Rudy’s Subs, it was love at first sight the minute they crossed the bridge to come onto the island. They’d purchased a motor home and made the long trek from their home in Colorado to look for a beach town . . . and had almost given up. They went straight to Ginny’s, asked about a realtor, and drove to my office wanting to buy a home here. The rest is history.

I was lucky enough to have discovered Anna Maria Island many years ago, through my parents, when prices were much, much less. My first island purchase was an $86,000 condo just a block from the beach, in Holmes Beach. My second purchase was a 2/2 each side duplex for just $139,000. Today, those prices are unheard of, and it isn’t easy for everyone to realize their dream of owning a second (or first) home here. It’s becoming more and more of a challenge for me to help buyers realize their dream.

So, it was very rewarding recently when I had a call on one of my listings from two (it ended up being four, another partner and a husband/wife team) people who wanted to go in on a house purchase together, knowing it was something they couldn’t do on their own. I believe they felt it was a long shot . . . for most people, purchasing a second home for almost a half a million dollars, when they have jobs and their first home mortgages to pay . . . IS difficult! But these two gentlemen (along with two others) persevered, and they closed this past Friday on their island dream purchase.

I found out that at least two out of the four had been dreaming about having an island getaway for years (they live just about an hour away). The fourth partner recently visited the island and fell in love at first sight, so she was a definite shoo-in. They are now forming an LLC, and we are thrilled to be keeping their house in our Coastal Cottages AMI rental program, with a brand new name “Mangoes on Magnolia” and a brand new facelift, which was much needed! We are all so happy for them!

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